Resin Bond Wheel for High Quality Profile Grinding "Keep Bright"

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Resin Bond Wheel for High Quality Profile Grinding “Keep Bright”

The Keep Bright is a high-precision (mirror surface) metal V-face wheel developed for use with metal mold, punch and general-cutting tip profile grinding.


  • Mirror grinding is possible due to good abrasives dispersion.
  • Strong grain holding ensures stable performance until final stage.
  • Angle of manufacturing range is up to 5 degree (bond limitations apply).


  • Metal molds
  • Punches for lead frames
  • General punches
  • Mirror surface profile grinding for general cutting tips

Grinding Data

Machine Profile grinding machine
Feed 1mm/min
Wheel SD600BKB1
Workpiece Fine-grained, extra-hard
Texture Photographs
  • Keep Bright
  • Standard wheel


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