Porous Vitrified-bonded Diamond Wheel "VDH Wheel"

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Porous Vitrified-bonded Diamond Wheel “VDH Wheel”

Noritake’s newly-developed porous vitrified-bonded diamond VDH Wheel has been designed for PCD polishing and demonstrates performance, sustained cutting and high-quality not seen in conventional tools.


  • Significant improvements in sustained cutting ability with a newly-developed and high-strength bond and uniform porous structure.
  • Noritake has arranged two grades to meet your requirements.
  • Whether sharpness or longevity is a priority, your exact needs can be met.
  Emphasis on cutting Emphasis on long life
Wheel specifications SD-VDH1 SD-VDH2
Features Grinding ability
Cutting sustainability
Wheel life
Ground surface quality

Grinding Data

Workpiece PCD (1500); width: 6 mm; thickness: 0.5 mm
Wheel speed 600 m/min
Cut depth/speed 0.1 mm (machining speed: 0.1 m/min)

Test wheel: SP1500-VDH (for finishing)

Grinding data


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