Poreless Vitrified Diamond PCD Grinding Wheel "Smooth Fine"

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Poreless Vitrified Diamond PCD Grinding Wheel “Smooth Fine”

The Smooth Fine is a poreless vitrified-bond grinding wheel for grinding PCD cutting tips.


  • Excellent maintenance of grain performance allows Smooth Fine to offer improved life and reliable grinding performance.
  • Sharpness can be easily restored through dressing.
  • An environmentally friendly grinding wheel that uses a lead-free bond.


  • PCD cutting tips
  • Drill blades
  • Reamer blades
  • Machining wear-resistant tools
  • Re-grinding

Grinding Data

Machine Tool grinding machine
Stock removal 0.1mm
Coolants Water-soluble
Wheel SD600VSF7
Workpiece PCD tip saw
Wheel life comparison