Mirror Finish Resinoid Wheel "Shine-G"

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Mirror Finish Resinoid Wheel ”Shine-G”

The Shine G is a resinoid-bond wheel which consists of a diamond grain with a special low-elasticity resin, enabling excellent mirror surface grinding.


  • Enables excellent mirror surface machining through grinding.
  • Has a high active grain count, resulting in good grinding performance and maintaining consistent surface-finishing smoothness.
  • The cutting depth of each individual grain particle is shallow, making it unlikely to produce scratches and reducing burrs to an extreme minimum.

Grinding Data

Through-feed centerless grinding
Grinding wheel SD1200Y 405×150×228.6
Control wheel A150R3R30 255×150×127
Coolant SEC-1500P (dilution level × 50)
Wheel speed 2000m/min
Work speed 25m/min
Workpiece Cylindrical roller
Workpiece material SUJ2 (HRc60)
Roughness before grinding Rz0.5-0.7μm

Production range

Grit size #600-#4000
Size Outer diameter φ10-φ455
Thickness 5-200


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