New Mirror Grinding Super-finishing Wheel "Mr. Neo Lapper"

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New Mirror Grinding Super-finishing Wheel “Mr. Neo Lapper”

The Mr. Neo Lapper stone has an extremely uniform structure that is ideal for mirror finishing and enables consistent polishing without loading.  It is made using a unique manufacturing method and is available for a variety of polishing applications.


  • From rough and finish double-layer grinding to single-layer grinding, this newly developed wheel delivers mirror finishing that was previously impossible with standard wheels.
  • A stable finishing surface roughness can be obtained.

Production Range

Grain WA
Grit size #2000~#3000
Type VNB

Grinding Data

Workpiece 6203 inner ring
Wheel size 5.5×5.5
Wheel contact pressure (rough) 1.9 MPa (finish) 0.6 MPa
Workpiece rotation count/rpm (rough) 5500 rpm (finish) 5500 rpm
Wheel oscillation count/cpm (rough) 500 rpm (finish) 200 rpm
Wheel oscillation angle +/- 18°
Grinding time /sec (rough) 4 sec (finish) 3 sec
Grinded workpiece qty 100 units
Test result
Test result

*The standard wheel shown with index of 100.

Test wheel WA/GC 3000-40 12VSF2M B3 (sulphur treatment)
WA2000 602 Low-hardness VNB B9 (wax treatment)
WA2000 605 High-hardness VNB B9 (wax treatment)


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