Super Long Life Vit-CBN Wheel "MEGA-LIFE WHEEL"

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Super Long Life Vitrified-bond CBN Wheel “MEGA-LIFE WHEEL”

The MEGA-LIFE WHEEL is a completely new vitrified-bond CBN wheel with extended life. This extremely durable new wheel delivers high efficiency, high quality and long life, and is ideal for high-load grinding such as cam-lobe profile grinding and contour grinding that demands sustained wheel shape.


This wheel delivers better performance than existing wheels thanks to a newly-developed wheel structure and the new “VML” bond, which offers high strength and good erosion.

  • Enables extreme improvements in dressing interval.
  • Advanced machining performance reduces occurrences of grinding breakage.


  • Cam-lobe profile grinding
  • Contour grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding
Grinding Applications

Grinding Data

Cam-lobe profile grinding
Wheel size φ350D
Machine Cam-lobe profile grinder
Wheel speed 80m/s
Workpiece FC 250 (Chilled cast iron)
Grinding efficiency Z’= 282 mm3/mm・s
Dressing interval
Contour grinding
Wheel size φ380D
Machine Super high speed cylindrical grinder
Grinding method Wet traverse grinding
Wheel speed 120m/s
Workpiece SCM435 (HRC48)
Grinding efficiency Z’w= 183mm3/s
Grinding ratio
Cylindrical grinding
Wheel size φ350D
Machine Super high speed cylindrical grinder
Wheel speed 80m/s
Workpiece SCM435 (HRC48)
Grinding efficiency Z’= 20mm3/mm・s
Surface roughness


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