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Ceramic Grain CX Wheel

The CX wheel’s most significant characteristics are its minute self-sharpening blades, created through microfracturing of the grain grinding surface, and its new bonding system, which takes advantage of the minuteness of the grain. The grain exhibits low breakability due to its high hardness and durability, and is ideal for grinding hard steel.
Three types are available: CXY wheels, CX wheels and CXZ wheels.


With a grain that is sharp and tough, these wheels can be used to grind hard steel.
The CX wheel achieves high-efficiency grinding at deep cutting depths as well as long dressing intervals.


  • Continuous good cutting performance.
  • Few grinding burnings.
  • Minimal reductions in workpiece hardness.
  • No major grain breakage.
  • Low-noise grinding.
  • Stable surface finish.
  • Good shape retention.
  • Good user experience.
  • High-efficiency grinding possible.
  • Consistently high precision and quality.
  • Low chip adhesion.
  • High quality grinding.

Dressing Performance

The same dressers used with conventional wheels can be used with these ones, making it possible to obtain consistent grinding performance right from the start.
However, using a Noritake LL dresser is recommended as the superior grain can cause quite a bit of dresser wear.


  • Dress cut depth and total dress volume can be minimized.
  • Minimal dress rotation counts results in good productivity.

Case Study

Horizontal surface grind for SKH
Grinding wheel CXY60G+12V104P 510×50×127
Dresser LL single-point dresser
Coolant Noritake Cool SE-02
Wheel speed 25m/s
Dress cut depth Half the amount of standard wheels


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