Vitrified-bond CBN "Muscle Wheel"

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Vitrified-bond CBN “Muscle Wheel”

The Muscle Wheel is a hybrid vitrified-bond CBN wheel that uses plastic-reinforced hard porcelain vitrified bonds. Working in combination with pores that improve its grinding performance, this grinding wheel offers both high grinding efficiency and long wheel life with excellent performance for intermittent grinding that is prone to impact loads.


  • Long life with minimal wear loss.
  • Offers highly precise machining with excellent shape maintenance.
  • Enables highly efficient grinding.
  • Effective for intermittent grinding.
  • Excellent surface finish roughness.

Case Study

Angular gear grinding
Grinding wheel CB120P200VH1H φ350
Wheel speed 80m/s
Dresser Wheel dresser
Inner diameter grinding on bearing
Grinding wheel CBX270Q200VV2H 2.9x4x1.7
Wheel speed 22.75m/s
Dresser 0.225m/s


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