New Super-finishing Wheel "Keen Stone"

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New Super-finishing Wheel “Keen Stone”

The Keen Stone achieves excellent cutting performance and consistent machined product quality through the fastidious pursuit of uniformity in wheel structure.
As there is very little chip deposition on the work surface, grinding volume can increase and consistent surface texture can be maintained.
In addition, Noritake is able to control the wheel structure, enabling us to provide wheels that are optimized for the grinding conditions.

Grinding Data

Wheel WA/GC 3000 -60 14V B3 □5.5XT (Standard wheel)
WA/GC 3000 -40 14V B3 □5.5XT (Keen Stone)
Machine Izumi Kinzoku Kogyo finishing grinder
Workpiece #6203 inner ring (HRc60 or higher, previous roughness 0.2–0.3 μmRa)
Grinding Data1
Grinding Data2
Grinding Data3


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