Centerless Vitrified-bond CBN/Diamond Wheel "Seamless Centerless Wheel"

Grinding and Polishing Tools

Technical Support

Centerless Vitrified-bond CBN/Diamond Wheel “Seamless Centerless Wheel”

The Seamless Centerless Wheel is a vitrified-bond CBN/Diamond wheel with no glue joints and has been designed for high-precision machining.


Unlike the segment type wheel, eliminating the glue joints on the Seamless Centerless Wheel has ensured that intermittent grinding does not occur, resulting in machining precision based on the grain size used.


  • Precision micro shafts
  • Precision rollers
  • Peripheral grinding of fine components

Structure Comparison

The Seamless Centerless Wheel has no glue joints.

  • Segment wheel
  • Seamless centerless wheel


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