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High-performance Resinoid Roller Wheels

These high-performance resinoid roll grinding wheels utilize the new ceramic CXB and CXF grains which exhibit significantly superior performance to the ceramic CX grain, as well as the newly developed 28 Series bonding material. The benefits of the CXB roll grinding wheel are its resistance to depositions forming on the cutting edge of the grain when grinding high-speed steel roll, and its suitability for high-removal, high-efficiency grinding. Benefits of the CFX roll grinding wheel also include a major reduction in scratches, and it delivers great effectiveness in improving the condition of the roller surface.


  • Good cutting performance.
  • Good wheel longevity.
  • High grinding efficiency.
  • Excellent surface finish smoothness.
  • Good operability.
  • Minimal chatter.
  • Short grinding times.

Case Study

High-speed steel roller grinding
Grinding wheel CXB46J7B2801, CXF46J7B2817
Wheel speed 45m/s


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