High-precision Flat Lapping CBN Wheel

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High-precision Flat Lapping CBN Wheel

Vitrified-bond CBN wheels allow for highly efficient flat lapping in addition to creating extremely high-precision flat surfaces.


  • High precision can be maintained and machining time can be greatly reduced.
  • Chip removal occurs smoothly thanks to a groove in the middle of the tip, avoiding clogging and deposition.
  • Machining efficiency can be greatly improved thanks to the tip edge.

Case Study

Lap machining of automotive parts

Precision requirements
Surface roughness 0.05 μmRa
Efficiency 40 μm/min
Grinding conditions
Machine Peter Wolters flat lapping machine
Stock removal 200μm
Wheel φ720D×φ320H
Workpiece 16-mm-diameter chromium steel (HR c60)
Wheel speed 160 rpm