High-performance Resinoid Needle-grinding Wheel B88 Series

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High-performance Resinoid Needle-grinding Wheel B88 Series

B88 series wheels use a bonding material with elasticity and heat resistance optimized for needle-grinding applications.
Deposition on the grain during usage is minimized and stable and superior sharpness is maintained while the amount of burrs generated when grinding needle tips is reduced.


  • The grinding ratio is improved.
  • Grinding burrs are reduced.

Grinding Data

Comparison to standard wheels
(size: Φ390 × 25 × 127; machine: vertical cylindrical grinder; workpiece: hollow needle)

  • Power consumption
  • Grinding ratio
  • Traditional whetstone
    Standard wheel
  • B88

B88 series wheels require less power consumption and offer better grinding ratios.
They also produce significantly fewer grinding burrs than standard wheels.