Diamond Polishing Films "Alta AU-F / FR"

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Diamond Polishing Films “Alta AU-F / FR”

The Alta diamond polishing films can be used as a substitute for loose-grain polishing used in finishing processes for IT industry components (ferrule, semiconductor wafers, magnetic heads, etc.), and consist of a polyester substrate that combines uniform strength and thickness with excellent flexibility and elasticity. A fine coating of refined synthetic diamond grains are uniformly applied to the substrate, which imparts the desired properties. Products are available in a number of forms including discs, sheets and rolls. Alta films offer higher polishing efficiency than loose-grain polishing. They are also environmentally friendly and produce no waste slurry or wasted abrasive materials.


  • Consistently accurate polishing.
  • Very long polishing performance life.
  • Suitable for polishing curved surfaces.
  • Effective at wet polishing.
  • Adapted for automation.

Case Study

Connector Polishing

Process 1: Adhesive removal #800–#2000 (waterproof paper)

Process 2: Shape loss SD1500AU-FR (Alta)

Process 3: Medium polishing SD4000AU-FR (Alta)

Process 4: Finish polishing SD10000AU-FR (Alta)

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