Rubber Grinding VRG Wheel

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Rubber Grinding VRG Wheel

The VRG wheel is characterized by the countless spherical pores on its grinding surface.
Thanks to minimal chip clogging, there is no need for a deep cutting depth, and stable cutting of relatively rigid rubber and plastic is possible.
Its production range covers grit sizes of F60 – F220, hardness A – F, and a structure of 20 or so.
It is suitable for cylindrical grinding and surface grinding but has difficulty grinding soft rubber with low elasticity.


Relatively little chip clogging occurs as a result of grinding soft, elastic work material, making it possible to grind such materials which had been difficult to machine until now.

  • Low-energy grinding.
  • Low-noise grinding.
  • Long dressing interval.
  • Good cutting performance.
  • Minimal grain loss.
  • Few feed marks produced.

Dressing Performance

With a coarse structure design from independent spherical pores, after the grains are dressed, the cutting edge is less susceptible to flattening or wearing down and has superior cutting performance.

Case Study

Hard rubber roller grinding
Grinding wheel GC80B+20VRG 455×205×228.6
Synthetic rubber roller grinding
Grinding wheel GC80C20VR 60×100×304.8
Urethane rubber roller grinding
Grinding wheel GC100B20VRG 305×38×127
Hard plastic shaft grinding
Grinding wheel GC120B20VRG 305×32×127