CLB-DIR Far Infrared Precise Isothermal Oven


Available for highly precise temperature control and wide range of thermal application. Good for a variety of heating tests

CLB-DIR Far Infrared Precise Isothermal Oven


Model CLB-DIR631
Heating method Far-infrared heating + Hot-air circulation
Performance (Unloaded Condition) Working temperature range Room temperature +10~360°C
Temperature distribution accuracy ±3°C (at 360°C, Far-infrared heater off)
Time to reach max. temperature 100 min (Far-infrared heater off)
Construction Inner wall Stainless steel SUS304
Outer wall Cold rolled steel plate melamine resin baked finishing
Heat Insulation material Ceramic fiber

Far infrared ceramic heater PLC-322 (0.2kw ×16 sheet ×2 sides (upper and lower) Total 6.4kw) Stainless pipe heater with fins (3.75kw)


Blower motor / fan 20w Condenser type motor / Axial flow fan
Controller Temperature control method PID control by microcomputer
Operation function Fixation operation, Quick auto stop, Auto stop, Auto start
Additional functions Calibration offset function, Key-lock function, Power failure compensation function, Door switch
Safety functions Short circuit breaker Leakage, Short circuit, Over current protection
Excess heating protector Cutoff of heater during heating stage
Self-diagnosis function Temperature abnormality, Heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, Automatic overheat prevention function

Dimensions / Utilities

Model CLB-DIR631 
Standard Width×Depth×Height
Inner dimension (mm) 600×600×600
Effective dimension (mm) 600×520×200
Outer dimension (mm) 1200×780×1625
Power source (200V) / electric current (A) 3 phace 200V 50 / 60Hz 34A 
Weight (approx. kg) 230

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