CLB-DHS Highly Precise Isothermal Oven


Available for highly precise temperature control and wide range of thermal application. Good for a variety of heating tests


Heating method: Forced hot air circulation+Exhaust
Working temperature: 40~360°C
Temperature accuracy: ±3.0°C (at 360°C)
Inner volume: 120~430 (liter)


CLB-DHS Highly Precise Isothermal Oven


Model CLD-DHS type series
Heating method Forced hot air circulation + Exhaust
Performance Working temperature range 40~360°C
Temperature distribution accuracy ±3.0°C (at360°C)
Time to reach max. temperature Approx. 70min
Construction Inner wall Stainless steel SUS304
Outer wall Cold rolling cold rolled steel plate melamine resin baked finishing
Heat insulation material Ceramic fiber + Glass wool
Heater Fin sheath heater (SUS)
Blower motor / fan 100W Condenser type motor / Sirocco fan
Controller Temperature control method PID control by micro computer from program controller
Temperature setting method Digital setting with ▲▼ key
Temperature display method Digital display with Green LED
Timer 1minute ~ 99 hour 59 minutes or 100 hour ~ 999 hour
Timer resolution 1minute or 1hour steps
Other functions

«Automatic operation»
Operation start or stop corresponding to set time up
«Program operation»
Maximum 16 segment program operation
«Variable wind velocity setting»
10 stage setting of fan revolution
«Clock display»
Current time


Heater control circuit SSR zero cross type
Safety functions Temperature abnormality, Heater disconnection, SSR abnormality, Fan abnormality, Independent excess heating protector, Short circuit breaker, Door-switch, Control-box-switch

Dimension / Utilities

Model DHS type series
42 52 62 72 82
standard Width × Depth × Height Width × Depth × Height Width × Depth × Height Width × Depth × Height Width × Depth × Height
Inner dimension
450×450×600 450×450×900 600×600×600 600×600×900 600×600×1200
Outer dimension
620×776×1306 620×776×1606 770×926×1306 770×926×1606 770×926×1906
Inner volume
120 180 215 325 430
Power source (200V)
/electric current (A)
Single-phase/16 Single-phase/18 Single-phase/20 3 phase/16 3 phase/17
Heater (kw) 3.0 3.4 3.8 5.4 5.8
Number of racks 17 27 17 27 37
 (approx. kg)
110 125 135 150 170

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