Mag Dry MDKW type(Super Precision Type)


Super Precision Magnetic Separator Lead By Sludge Dehydration System And Durability

Drawing DXF

Drawing DXF


Super Precision Separation System

Collecting rate of super fine particle sludge is more than 90% under the condition of honing, lapping and superfinishing grinding.

Optimized Sludge Dehydration System

Dehydration rate of sludge is enhanced due to optimum design of rubber roller.

Highly Durable Drum

Durability due to enhanced hardening treatment.

Redesign Flow Channel

By adoption of the processing flow channel of original development, wear resistance improved spectacularly.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance by simple structure.

Wide Application Flow Rate

Minimize a drop of elimination rate against a change of flow rate Comparing to conventional type.

Comparison of Elimination Rate to Convention Model

Comparison of Elimination Rate to Convention Model


  • Super fine particle sludge under the condtion of grinding using CBN and diamonds abrasive.
  • General grinding(Plane grinding, Cylinder grinding, Centerless)



Application range

Application range




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