Vacuum Drying Furnace


Technical Support


For LiB(cathode, anode, separator)

Vacuum Drying Furnace
Working temperature R.T.~200°C
Temperature precision ±5°C
Atmosphere N2, Vacuum
Vacuum level 10Pa (7.5×10-2 Torr )
Heat source Electricity

Uniform heating

By four fields control (chamber ceiling,bottom, right and left sides), uniform heating of a product is possible.

Cooling processing time shortening

By cool air circulation of the chamber perimeter, chamber cooling is promoted and product cooling time is shortened.


Example of temperature profile

Maintenance reduction of a vacuum pump

The circumference lump of a solvent to a vacuum pump is reduced by the exclusive freezing trap.


  • LiB electrode
    Moisture drying of process before assembly (Cathode, anode, separator).


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