2-Layer RHK for hot stamp


Hot stamp is a process that transmutes from automobile frame parts into high tensile force steel plates, improving collision safety performance and fuel reduction by reducing the weights.

Feature of Noritake 2-Layer RHK

  1. Energy saving, CO2 reduction.
    ・Energy cost 15% reduction.(Compared to our company)
    ・Consumable supplies cost 40% reduction.(Compared to our company)

  2. Space-saving
    ・Heating kiln  Installation area 45% reduction.(Compared to our company)
    ・Line  Installation area 40% reduction.(Compared to our company)

  3. High operating rate
    ・Line operation rate 5% improvement.(Compared to our company)
    ・One-side stage operation accommodating JIT method is enabled.

Unique kiln structure

・Both the upper stage and lower stage can be operated for production.
・While one stage(upper stage) is operated, the other stage can be stopped (the heater is off).
・The most unique heating kiln, enabling to set the operating stages in accordance with production volume and maintenance status.

Compatibility with existing equipment

The joint method between the front and back of heating kiln; and the conveyer is the same as the existing equipment.
・Compatibility using the existing equipment is supported.
Hot stamp line of 2-Layer RHK can be upgraded by replacing the heating kiln section while the peripheral equipment remains unchanged.

Standard Specification

Working Area : Max1.7mL×2.1mW
Heating Temp.  : Up to1000℃
Atmosphere : ①N2Gas ②Dry Air
Weight Capacity : Up to 4,600kg/hr
Discharge Speed : Up to120m/min
Kiln Length : 19.5m

Other selection of hot stamp products.

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