Automated Oxidized Starch Production System


The automated oxidized starch production system adds an oxidizing agent to low-cost starch, and through thermo-chemical denaturation can perform automated continuous production of starch paste liquid equivalent to standard oxidized starch.

Automated Oxidized Starch Production System


  • The system adds minute amounts of ammonium peroxodisulfate (APS) as an additive and mixes into a homogeneous starch slurry using a static mixer to perform precise denaturation preparation.
  • The Noritake cooker provides excellent temperature uniformity even when heating starches like tapioca starch, which undergo sharp changes in viscosity.
  • Caustic soda is uniformly supplied and mixed as a neutralizing agent with dilution water for concentration control, to produce starch paste liquid at the desired concentration, temperature, and pH.
  • It can be equipped with an assortment of utility tanks, including liquid chemical tanks and water heating units for dilution.
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Tapioca starch: 2.3 t/day (dry component equivalent)
Input concentration: 35%
Output concentration: 7 - 15%
Gelatinization temperature: 150°C
Utilities Steam: 690 kg/h (1.0 MPaG)
Dilution water: 10 m³/h (0.2 MPaG)
Air: 700 NL/min (0.5 MPaG)
Electricity: 440V three-phase 12 kW
Dimensions and weight Main Unit: 4,900 L × 1,700 W × 1,900 H (mm), approx. 2,000 kg
Paste tank: 1,700 L × 1,700 W × 3,000 H (mm), approx. 300 kg
NaOH tank: 1,000 L × 1,000 W × 1,200 H (mm), approx. 100 kg


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