Saccharification system for bio-ethanol production


Saccharification system for bio-ethanol production

This system continually produces saccharification liquid by adding enzymes to starch slurry and performing inline steam heating.

Saccharification system for bio-ethanol production

Specification Example

Processing capacity Rice powder slurry 780kg/h
Rice powder slurry concentration 36%
Heating temperature 75°C
Utilities Steam 175kg/h 0.7MPaG
Power source 200V Three-phase 20kW
Dimensions and weight 6000Lx2000Wx5000H (mm)
about 3700kg


  • Regardless of the kind of raw material, it can consecutively produce sacchrification liquid of consistent density.
  • From measuring to slurrification and saccharification, the supply of raw starch is completely automatically.
  • Because the Noritake cooker heats raw materials quickly, process time is greatly reduced.
  • A large reaction tank is unnecessary, making it compact.
  • Inline heating means little heat exchange loss, making the unit energy efficient.
  • It is easy to clean because it consists of only pipes.