Condiment Miso Heat Sterilization System


The sterilization system performs indirect heat sterilization and cooling of miso, sauces, and soups.

Condiment Miso Heat Sterilization System


  • The system is equipped with CIP water-purifying functionality.
  • Highly efficient heating and cooling is achieved using an SM double tube heat exchanger. It also incorporates an internal stirring mechanism which prevents burning.
  • The flow channel is tubular, which allows uniform flow without backing up during operation unlike systems with plate heat exchangers.


  • Heating, sterilizing, and cooling miso
  • Heating, sterilizing, and cooling sauces and soups
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Condiment miso: 1,000 kg/h
Input temperature: 20°C
Heating temperature: 125°C
Cooling temperature: 60°C
Utilities Steam: 220 kg/h (0.5 MPaG)
Cooling water: 20 m³/h (35°C)
Air: 700 NL/min (0.5 MPaG)
Electricity: 200 V three-phase 2 kW
Dimensions and weight 3450L×2000W×2150H (mm)
Approx. 2,700 kg


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