Dispersion System "JSP Series"


Dispersion System "JSP Series"

JSP is an all-in-one device, capable of mixing, dispersing, emulsification and wet grinding with this one unit. Technology developed in Germany has been reborn into this Japanese model. JSP units are hard at work in many industries including food, medicine, cosmetics and electronics.

Dispersion System "JSP Series"


  • 【Fully controllable degree of dispersion】
    Control the particle size by changing the kinds of the generator or the speed of the disperser.
  • 【Inject raw material without opening the lid during the operation】
    Powder or liquid is suctioned from the sub hopper directly into the disperser stage. This prevents clumping and facilitates density control.
  • 【Supports treatment for high viscosity liquid】
    Maximum viscosity 100,000 mPa・s
  • 【Multi-function supporting assorted applications】
    Supports heating and cooling of the chamber as well as vacuum degassing
  • 【Shortens the production time】
    Combines mixer and disperser for efficient mixing and dispersing
  • 【Proposal for combination】
    We can offer proposals for systems including processes before and after this unit incorporating many other kinds of machines such as static mixer.


[Food] Mayonnaise, Chocolate sauce, Peanut butter, Ketchup, Sauce, Dressing etc.
[Medicine/Cosmetics] Hair care supplies, Foundation, Lipstick, Toothpaste, Ointment, Eye drop etc.
[Electronics] LIB electrode slurry, Carbon slurry, Silver paste, Copper slurry, Nickle slurry, Insulating resin etc.




Model JSP25 JSP50 JSP100 JSP250 JSP500 JSP1000
Effective maximum
treatment capacity
25L 50L 100L 200L 500L 1,000L
Effective minimum
treatment capacity
5L 10L 20L 40L 100L 200L
Tank total capacity 32L 65L 130L 260L 650L 1,350L
Product pressure Atmospheric pressure (Standard specification) -0.1MPa~
/(Optional pressurized tank) -0.1~0.25MPa
Product viscosity 1~100,000mPas
Motor capacity 1.5kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3.7kW 5.5kW 7.5kW
Shaft rotation speed 225rpm 165rpm 135rpm 110rpm 81rpm 65rpm
Shaft seal Radial shaft sealing (PTFE compounds)
Model 2000/04 2000/05 2000/10
Motor capacity 3.7kW 7.5kW 22kW
Dispersing tools Top: Pump rotor P / Bottom: Generator 4P
Shaft tool Double mechanical seal (with sealing liquid pressurizing system)
Pumping stage max. flow
(in case of water)
6,000L/h 15,000L/h 40,000L/h
Disperser stage max flow
(in case of water)
2,000L/h 5,000L/h 20,000L/h
Other Control Touch panel
Piping ISO ferule
Wetted parts material SUS316L / SUS316Ti / SUS304
Standard equipment Mixer scraper and baffle blade, DBI jacket, DBI supply hopper for additives etc.
Option Tank temperature sensor, automatic valve, load cell, vacuum pump etc.

*It can be designed to meet client’s requirement. Pleaser inquire for more details.
*Please feel free to contact us to see for yourself with our JSP25 trial unit.


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