Far Infrared Conveyer Furnace


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Far Infrared Conveyer Furnace
Clean heating
Noritake far infrared heater and a Teflon-coated mesh belt are used to improve the clean level. Especially the Clean type is much cleaner due to the use of HEPA filters which create clean hot air circulation.
Reduced Heating Time
Considerable reduction in heating times is realized by a synergetic effect of zone-controlled radiation heating of far infrared and thermal diffusion using down blow.
(Annealing time : 1~2 hours by hot-air batch furnace → 3~10 minutes by Far Infrared Conveyer Furnace)
Uniform Heating

Higher precision temperature profiles are realized by a combination of far infrared and clean hot air.

Energy Saving

Far infrared heating acts directly on the work exciting thermal motion and increasing the temperature without heat loss which are otherwise released into the heat transfer medium. Reduced heat loss to heat transfer medium and reduced heating time allow low running cost.


Annealing for resin molded products

Automobile lamp
Control parts for automobile
IC tray
Medical equipment parts
Membrane switch (PET film)

Electronic parts

HDD epoxy cure
Automobile parts epoxy cure
IC card epoxy cure
Drying for PCB printing (pre-cure)
Curing for PCB printing (post-cure)
Drying for Membrane switches printing
Drying for IC card printing
Drying for various kind of film printing
Drying for automobile circuit board
Drying for fuel cell material coating

Far Infrared Conveyer Furnace Product List


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