Continuous Polymerization Reaction System


The Noritake polymerization reaction test machine was designed as a test machine that would allow static continuous block polymerization reactions. It is an ideal system for continuous polymerization reaction testing because the Noritake reactor is used on the cylindrical reaction chamber and the SM double tube heat exchanger is used on the flash preheater.

Continuous Polymerization Reaction System


  • The polymerization reactor uses a double tube static mixer, allowing for piston flow in the reaction system flow, eliminating uneven pile-ups and obtaining reliable polymers.
  • Using our own in-house flash preheater, we have succeeded in avoiding polymer deterioration (burning) of the transfer surface and reducing additives (such as bluing additives for color improvement).
  • We’ve improved production reliability through reduced strand breakage and complete demonomerization.
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Raw material flow volume: 1.0 L/h (100 – 150°C)
Reaction product flow volume (intermittent): 3.5 L/h (100 – 200°C)
Additive flow volume: 0.1 L/h (room temperature)
Heat medium cycle volume: 100 L/h (50 – 250°C)
Utilities Electricity: 200 V three-phase 4 kW
Dimensions and weight 2900L×1400W×2000H (mm)
Approx. 800 kg


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