Pre-Coat Filter


Pre-coat Filter
The Pre-Coat Filter is a high-accuracy coolant filtration system for high-accuracy machining processes.


A fine filtration film is formed on the front surface of the specially-shaped filtration material using a filtration additive, allowing the machine to perform high-precision coolant filtration.
Additive that has been dirtied through filtration is detached from the filtration material by air using a backwash process, and is discharged after desiccation.
This process maintains reliable filtration functionality at all times.



Model Filtration area Processing rate (water-soluble )
NASS-1 0.2 m2 15 L/min
NASS-4 0.4 m2 30 L/min
NASS-10 1.0 m2 80 L/min
NASS-30 3.0 m2 240 L/min
NASS-50 5.0 m2 400 L/min
NASS-80 8.0 m2 500 L/min


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