Ceramic filter For Chemistry


Technical Support

High-purity purification of slurries and polymers!


High precision filtration

High filtration accuracy is obtained because the pore size distribution is uniform and sharp.

Corrosion resistance

The filter element made of alumina ceramics, which has excellent corrosion resistance, can be used for a wide range of solvents and chemicals by combining it with a casing with a Teflon lining.

Stable layer operability

There is no opening or damage to the filter while the line is in operation, making operation management easier.

Renewable resource

It is possible to regenerate the filter that has been used for a long time by cleaning it with chemicals and firing it.

Renewable resource

Delivery example

Advantages of delivering ceramic filters (see the upper right figure)


(1) Space saving is possible because there is no need for a stationary / refining tank.

(2) Since purification, concentration, cleaning, etc. can be performed in the slurry tank, the work process can be simplified.

(3) By forced separation with a filter, the time required for slurry sedimentation in the static / purification tank can be shortened.

Main application

  • Concentrated recovery and purification of slurry paste
  • Separation and purification of polymers and monomers
  • Purification of chemicals
  • Removal of emulsion particles


What is diafiltration! !?


This is a method in which the same amount of liquid (solvent) as the amount of permeated liquid is added to the stock solution tank to continuously permeate low molecular weight substances through the membrane. The main purposes are high-purity purification of polymer substances, desalination, desalination, pure water substitution, solvent substitution, etc., and processing that meets the needs has become possible.


The graph on the right shows the polymer purification data. Impurity concentration decreases as DF filtration (diafiltration) progresses. At DF magnification (2x), the impurity concentration drops to about 1/5. Even in this case, the recovery rate of valuable components can be maintained high.



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