Node Cancer: for Low Viscosity and High Viscosity


Node Cancer

Consistent product quality can be created by eliminating corrosion caused by poor liquid coolant pipe management (e.g. low liquid concentrations) and rust produced because of deteriorating anti-corrosion performance. A consistent diluted solution can be maintained by feeding a stable ratio of undiluted fluid and industrial water.


The dilution tank is stocked in advance with undiluted coolant and industrial water mixed to the right concentration for use.
An insufficient flow rate in the processing machine filtration tank is detected by the fluid level switch, and the tank is automatically supplied from the dilution tank with only the fluid that is in short supply. Once the supply has been restored, the electromagnetic valve automatically shuts off.


Usage Performance

  Before introduction After introduction
  1. Concentration regulation is conducted once a day by adding 600 mL of undiluted processing fluid oil to the processing machine’s coolant tank.
  2. Industrial water is supplied just to make up for the decline in volume of the coolant tank.
Fully automatic
Reduced Processing Steps
  1. Concentration regulation
    Once/day × 3 minutes/machine × 15 machines × 20 days = 15 hours (180 hours per year)
  2. Replenishment
    Twice/day × 3 minutes/machine × 15 machines × 20 days = 30 hours (360 hours per year)
Reduction of 540 hours per year
Dilution Scale 40 – 50 times Automatically set to 100 times
(40 times for the processing machine’s coolant tank)
Undiluted Fluid Usage Volume Monthly usage volume: 200L; 200L = ¥100,000 Monthly usage volume: 70.5 L 
70.5 L = ¥35,000


  Low-viscosity High-viscosity
Kinematic viscosity of applied undiluted fluid 50×10-6 m2/s 50–1000×10-6 m2/s
Dilution range 0 – 100%
Dilution supply rate (max.) 5,000 L/hr (0 – 5%)
Tank capacity (standard) 1,000L
Electricity 100/200V AC, 50/60Hz
Air pressure 0.5MPa


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