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By using a Static Mixer in a heat exchanger tube, the fluid inside the tube that is heated or cooled by the tubewall is quickly interchanged with the fluid of the middle of the tube, homogenizing the fluid. This smoothes and quickens the heating / cooling process, improving quality. As a result, the overall coefficient of heat transfer of the heat exchanger is drastically improved. Dual Tube and multi-tube types with large heat transfer surfaces are available.


  • Multi-tubed Heat Exchanger
  • Dual Tube Heat Exchanger
用途 推奨品
Indirect heating
Heating of heat transfer liquid
●Heating of the process liquid
●Heating of the chemical raw materials (polymer)
●Heating and sterilization of the food raw materials.
●Viscosity adjustment flash preheater of the coating liquid for de-monomers
<SM multi-tube heat exchanger>
STHE Sereis
SMHE Sereis
STHE/S Sereis
Indirect cooling
Cooling of refrigerant liquid
●Cooling of the process liquid
●Cooling of the chemical raw materials (polymer)
●Cooling of the food raw materials
●Viscosity adjustment of the coating liquid
<SM double tube heat exchanger>
SMHED Series

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