Ceramic Roller


Ceramic Roller

Noritake ceramic roller provides excellent dimensional precision, sufficient strength in high temperature zones, and excellent corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it very suitable for hearth kilns, kiln core tubes, heat resistance tubes, gas extraction tubes, gas introduction tube, acid resistance parts and many more.

Roller Alumina content rate Recommended temperature
B 55% <1200℃
TA 60% 1100~1300℃
TA-A 65% 1150~1350℃
TA-N 69% 1200~1400℃
NM 72% 1300~1500℃
NM-S 75% 1400~1650℃
TA-S 99% <1400℃
KE 87% <1650℃
SiC 0% <1400℃


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