Roll to Roll Heating Furnace


Technical Support

Infiltration of far-infrared ray reduces treating time significantly by heating the inside and outside of film simultaneously.

Roll to Roll Heating Furnace

Cross section model of heat transferring (early stages of heating)

Hot-air heating method

Hot-air heating method

Coating surface hardens first.
→ Internal solvent does not fall out.
→ Foaming and migration

Far-infrared heating method

Far-infrared heating method

Entire coating is dried efficiently and uniformly.
→ Shortening of processing time
→ Improvement in physical properties of a product


Clean Heating

Low dust operation was realized by using Noritake Far Infrared Heater. Hot air through HEPA filters are used to improve the clean level of atmosphere to clean level 1000.

Reduced Heating Time

Considerable reduction of heating times is realized by a synergetic effect of zone-controlled radiation heating of far infrared and thermal diffusion by down blow.

Uniform Heating

Higher precision temperature profiles is realized by a combination of Far Infrared and clean hot air.

Energy Saving

Far infrared heating acts directly on the work exciting thermal motion increasing the temperature without heat loses which would otherwise be released into the heat transfer medium. Reduced heat loss to heat transfer medium and reduced heating time allow low running cost.


Total systems including roll-in and roll-out equipment are available


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