Film Anneal Furnace for Solar-cell module materials


Technical Support

Film Anneal Furnace for Solar-cell module materials
Working temperature R.T.~100°C (EVA film)
R.T.~170°C (Back sheet)
Temperature precision ±5°C
Atmosphere Air
Film width 600~2600mm


  • Anneal process for EVA film for adhesion sealing
  • Anneal process for module backsheet material(PEN, PET, PVF etc.)

High efficient heating

Our far infrared heater and temperature zone control provide a high-accuracy temperature profile even with a wide-width product and enable to reduce uneven heat treatment on

Significant treating time reduction

With radiation of far-infrared heating, product can be heated quickly from surface to inside. This enables faster and uniform heat-up treatment than hot-air heating.

High productivity

Our roll to roll continuous conveyance technology makes high productivity possible.