Centrifuge NCA model


Centrifuge NCA model

High precision separator with strong centrifugal force
The best for reuse of Multi wire saw grinding fluid of silicon wafer
Centrifugal force:2200G
Comparison with conventional machine:30%UP
Removes minute particulates in coolant liquid by strong centrifugal force with industry's highest level


High Efficient Separating Filtration

High efficinet separating filtration is provided by powerful separating filtration capacity, which is max revolving speed and 2200G of max cenrigugal force.

Powerful Dehydrating Performance of Sludge

Sludge is recoverable with low water content through dewatering.

Automatic Operation

The autmatic drive covers the process of separating filtration, dehydration, sludge discharging and claening.

Anti-foaming Function (Patent Pending)

The original anti-foaming function is installed as standard, and the problem of forming is reduced.


Model NCA-50 NCA-200
Power 3phase 200V 50/60HZ
Routine filtration capacity 20~40L/min 70~140L/min
Max. number of revolutions 3400rmp 3200rmp
Max. centrifugal force 2200G
Electric capacity Main motor 5.5kw 7.5kw
Gear motor 0.2kw
Pressure of air 0.5MPa


*Performance test condition
[Sample] Grinding sludge of glass (specific gravity2.5),
Average partcle diameter 2.3μm [Liquid] Water

Sample Concentration Extraction efficiency
Dirty liquid 8461mg/L
1pass-clean liquid (NEW) 2105mg/L 75%
1pass-clean liquid (Conventinal) 3144mg/L 63%
Particle size distribution
Particle size distribution


Silicon processing

Each processing for photovoltaic, semiconductor wafer, Multislice wire saw, band saw etc.

Sapphire, glass processing

Each processing for substrate of HDD, LED, Lapping grinding, inner/outer grinding etc.

Various machine tools

The working liquid of grinding and polishing machine are purified, and the sludge is collected as following machine; Gun drill, honing, electrical discharge machine, precision polishing, electrical polishing, gear grinding, washing machine, cutting machine, center-less grinding, Two-headed machine etc.

[Introduction case] Multislice of silicon wafer with fixed abrasive wire saw

Concentration change of attached tank in case with centrifugal or without centrifugal
Concentration change of attached tank in case with centrifugal or without centrifugal

*This is the result of performance test at our plant.

Introduction effect

Stabilized in lower concentration

  • Running cost reduction by reuse of liquid
  • Labor cost reduction by saving of liquid exchange
  • Stable processing is possible

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