Roll to Roll Special Atmosphere Furnace


Technical Support

Roll to Roll Special Atmosphere Furnace
Working temperature R.T.~400°C
Temperature precision ±5°C
Atmosphere Air, N2 (Option)
Clean level Class 1000
Film width 600~1200mm
Conveyance tension 10~100N


  • 2 Phase FCCL polyimide drying - heat cure processes
  • Polyimide water drying process
  • Annealing process for various transparent heat-resistant film

Uniform Heating

Our unique heaters were developed exclusively for this equipment. The structure of its furnace can stabilize far-infrared heaters as well as atmosphere temperature, which enable precise temperature profiles.

Measures for curls and wrinkles during conveyance

Equipment design solves the problems such as curls and rinks of products caused by heat.

Maintenance improvement for heating space

The top of the furnace opens widely for easy feeding of film prior to operation and periodical maintenance.


Zone   Heating zone Cooling zone
Method   Far infrared heatig Indirect radiated
Functions Working temperature 50~400°C 400~25°C
Temperature distribution accuracy ±2.0°C -
Atmosphere stabilizing time Approx. 60min (unloaded condition)
Available atmosphere gases N2, air
Construction Outer wall SS, baking finish
Inner wall SUS304 SUS, Aluminium
Insulation material Rock wool -
Water jacket - Radiater fin (AL)
Heating Heater Far infrared heater -
Temperature control PID contol by TIC microcomputer -
Heater control circuit SSR -
Atmosphere control Inlet-port Heater surface -
Outlet-port Outlet-port -
Gas curtain Entrance 1 Exit 1
Flow meter 5 for inside of furnace, 2 for Gas curtain
Conveyance Types Selectable from Non-touch conveyance, Free-roller conveyance, Roller drive conveyance
Material Roller SUS304
Drive unit (OP) Servomotor with speed controller
Safety functions   Temperature abnormality, Fan abnormality, O2 gas density rise abnormality, Independent protector for overheating, Fault current alarm, Air pressure abnormality, Emergency stop
Options   6-point hitting recorder, 100V plug socket, Tar- trap, Touch panel, Heater disconnection alarm


Model NIR-506 NIR-1006 NIR-10011
1550W×6700L×1480H 1550W×12630L×1480H 2000W×12630L×1400H
Heating zone
5000L 10000L 10000L
Cooling zone
1000L 2000L 2000L
Effective width(mm) 600W 600W 1100W
Pass line(mm) 850H 850H 850H
Power supply(200V) 3 phase/130KVA 3 phase/255KVA 3 phase/442KVA
Compressed air (kg/cm2) 5 5 5
N2gas maximum
700 1400 2100
Cooling water(l/min) 2 3 5

Temperature Profile Example

Temperature Profile Example

Oxygen Density change Example

Oxygen Density change Example


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