Noritake Mini Cooker


A compact user-friendly device for research facilities is now available.

Noritake Mini Cooker


  • Table-sized and compact design.
  • Adaptable for testing amounts of raw material as low as one liter.
  • Simple temperature adjustment using fine-tuning heat adjustment valve (hand-operated).



  • Starch solidification testing (testing the physical properties of starch flour and evaluating liquefied oxygen)
  • Gelatinization testing for starch powder used in papermaking
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Input flow rate: 12 - 30 kg/h
Input temperature: 20°C
Heating temperature: 150°C max.
Utilities Steam: 8 kg/h
Electricity: AC 100 V 0.2 kW
Dimensions and weight 1500L×300W×900H (mm)
Approx. 50 kg


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