Kiln Heater


SiC Heater

Working temperature:400~1400°C

Silicon carbide based nonmetallic heating element.

  • Keeps a clean environment inside the kiln.
  • Simple to use and easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for various unique atmospheres.
Coating Type
Coating Type

We have special coating that protects the heater from rapid degradation at severe kiln

atmospheres. We have coating materials such as CVD, alumina, glass and so on.

Soaking Type
Soaking Type

The center section of the heating element will not heat up. Therefore, uniform heating

in the horizontal direction is possible. This type is effective for wide continuous kilns.

Protection Tube Attachment Type
Protection Tube Attachment Type

Protection tube will prevent the heater from oxygen and alkali which may be emitted

from firing products. Protection tube material includes alumina, mullite, SiC and others.

Metallic Heater

Working temperature:~1000°C

Heater unit is a combination of insulation material and heating element.

  • We can offer miniaturizations and high efficiency firing furnaces.
  • Uniform heating is possible by heating the entire surface.
Metallic Heater

MoSi2 Heater


MoSi2 Heater

Molybdenum disilicide-based heater for high temperature.

High Purity Type

High purity material is used for this heater.

It will extend the life time of glass protection film which is formed at the surface of heating element.

It is high efficiency against creep features and has a high mechanical tolerance.

Carbon Heater

Working temperature:1500~3000°C

  • Useful at high temperature zones up to Max. 3000°C.
  • High purity can be achieved in ppm by high temperature halogen treatment.
Carbon Heater


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