RHK Simulator


Technical Support

Scale-up is easy since the simulator was duplicated to same inside kiln structure of RHK.

RHK Simulator

Easy to scale-up

Volume production is easy since it can easily shift to continuous RHK in the same setting.

High speed firing

Heat is transferred through gaps between rollers effectively and fires products quickly.

High speed firing
The best for a laboratory, since it is compact.
Atmosphere control

Available for atmospheres such as N2, O2, etc.

 Various calcination tests and a production condition setup are possible.

Clean heating

Kiln inside can be consisted entirely of ceramics which prevent metal contamination from generating and is ideal for battery materials, etc.

Maximum temperature Max.1400℃
Atmosphere Air、N2、O2、Ar、CO2
Dimension 1300L×1300W×2100Hmm
Effective dimension 330L×330W×100Hmm
Heat source Electricity 

Shifting to continuous kiln

Shifting to continuous kiln

Firing setting on this furnace can be used for mass production by Atmosphere Roller Hearth Kiln.


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