Lambda Ace BWFA type


Compatible with super fine particle sludge for carbon, carbide etc !

Lambda Ace BWFA type

Total dimension:1300W×860L×1900H mm


Enhanced filtration efficiency

High precise filtration (partcle size up to about 1μm) is performed using new developed slit type filter. Running cost will be reduced due to non-use of fileration aid.


As Consumabeles is not generated less than like a conventional disposable cartridge filter, Running cost will be reduced.

Enhanced backwashing

Backwashing is effectively achieved due to original system and the clog of filter is restrained.

Easy recovery of sludge

Concentrated sludge is recovered easily to outside system. Easy maintainance due to symple structure.


  • Super fine processing for honing, lapping, and super finish grinding.
  • Super fine particle sludge for carbon, carbide etc.

Mechanism of sludge recovery

Mechanism of sludge recovery
Photo:Ceramic sludge



Standard specification

Number of filter elements One Three Seven Thirteen Nineteen
Model BWFA-1 BWFA-3 BWFA-7 BWFA-13 BWFA-19
Filtration area 0.13m2 0.39m2 0.91m2 1.69m2 2.47m2
Max flow rate *1 7ℓ/min 21ℓ/min 49ℓ/min 91ℓ/min 133ℓ/min
Start backwashing 0.2MPaG
Average backwashing time 3min
Power AC200V 50/60Hz
Required air pressure 0.4MPa
Nominal filtration rating *2 1µm

*1:Max flow rate is the flow in pure water. The condition of treated liquid such as SS concentration, viscosity, and temperature varies the flow rate.

*2:Nominal filtration rating means the filtration ability of element that capture many particles (over 50 %) above shown. This value is a performance test result done at our facility.

*3:The ability above might not be performed, when a little water is mixed to oily coolant.


Filtration test 1

Filtration test 1

Work:Engine cylinder block
Processing:horning grinding
Coolant:Oily coolant
Average particle size of dirty liquid:1.5μm

Filtration test 2

Filtration test 2

Work:Carbide tool
Coolant:Water soluble coolant

Photograph in filtration
Photograph in filtration


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