Atmosphere Control RHK, High-temperature RHK


Technical Support

Atmosphere Control RHK

Atmosphere Control RHK

Airtight atmosphere using original sealing structure

Maximum temperature 1400℃
Atmosphere N2、O2、H2、Ar、CO2
Heat source Electricity 
Image by fluid simulation
Image by fluid simulation
Key Technology in gas feeding
  • Optimized gas feed speed to flow around the product effectively.
  • Optimized feed rate to achieve target gas concentration around product.
Key Technology in vapor exhaust
  • Generated vapor from product is eliminated as quickly as possible.
  • Effectively segregated zones to prevent vapor spreading.
Comparison of airtight grade
Comparison of airtight grade

High-temperature RHK

High-temperature RHK

Rollers for high-speed transportation are used for temperatures up to 1600°C.

Maximum temperature 1600℃
Atmosphere Air
Heat source Electricity, Gas


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