Roller Hearth Kiln


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Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK) is a continuous firing furnace which transports products using ceramic rollers.

RHK provides outstanding temperature uniformity, cleanliness and heat efficiency.

Roller Hearth Kiln

Uniform Temperature Distribution

RHK's roller transportation method makes radiant heating from all direction possible and narrows temperature distribution to ±2°C.

Uniform Temperature Distribution

High Speed Firing

NORITAKE adopts Spring Drive method for the roller transportation drive.

 This allows for high speed transfer without meandering.

High Speed Firing
Example of high speed Firing
Work Alumina substrate Thermistor



Temp. 1600℃ 1300℃ 1000℃ 1200℃

Firing time of 


6h 10h 12h 6h

Firing time of 

traditional kiln

36h 24h 24h 18h

Clean Atmosphere

Clean Atmosphere

RHK materials are composed of ceramics which helps maintain a clean atmosphere.

Energy Saving and Space Saving

The combination of uniform heating and high speed firing realize high efficient production energy saving and space saving.

Roller Hearth Kiln Product List


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