Gas burning-type Roller Hearth Kiln for lithium-ion battery electrodes (C-SERT-RHK)


NORITAKE CO., LIMITED (Noritake), Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Gas) and Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation (TGES) have announced the world's first continuous gas combustion-type furnace for making lithium-ion battery electrodes, achieving a 40% reduction in energy costs.

1. Substantial energy cost reduction using gas burning-type

The world’s first “Gas-burning Roller Hearth Kiln ‘C-SERT-RHK’ ” for making lithium-ion battery (hereinafter “LiB”) electrode materials has a highly efficient heating device that achieves energy cost reductions up to 40%. C-SERT-RHK is created by the fusion of Noritake’s firing furnace technology and Tokyo Gas/TGES gas combustion technology exclusively for continuous gas combustion-type furnaces by deploying TGES’ special ceramic radiant tube burner.

2. Achieves stable heating and high durability using special ceramic radiant tube burner.

They have solved the problems of gas combustion-type burners by adopting TGES’ special ceramic radiant tube burner of high heat and corrosion resistances (active oxidation resistance, and lithium attack resistance) as a heating element (radiant tube) in C-SERT-RHK. Stable heating such as leveling of temperature distribution, smooth temperature follow-up, and maintenance of oxygen concentration becomes possible and thus temperature accuracy of delta t=10degC or less is achieved at 1,300degC.

3. Heat treatment at high temperatures for other applications


Noritake, Tokyo Gas and TGES intend to use the highly efficient heating technology of this product not only for LiB electrode materials, but also for applications such as the automobile-manufacturing field (i.e. hot stamping) and 5G electronic parts that require stable heat treatment at high temperatures. They will also apply this technology in other fields of applications to contribute to cost reduction of heating processes and ultimately to environmental improvement.



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