Sake Brewing Related Applications


A systrem that dehydrates and recovers solids from waste liquid generated during the sake brewing process.

Sake Brewing Related Applications

Technical points

High Efficient Separating

Generates a strong centrifugal force of 3000G at maximum rotation. The recovered sludge is dehydrated to a low moisture content.

Automatic Operation

The autmatic drive covers the process of separating filtration, dehydration, sludge discharging and claening.

Target item

  • Rice soup
  • Distillation residue of shochu and whiskey


The dehydrated solids are recovered by treating wastewater and distillation residues during rice washing.
The solid content can be sold as valuable resources such as fertilizer and feed, and the treated water is purified to a level where it can be drained as it is.
Since the cost of disposing of the waste liquid is not required, a large cost reduction is possible.

  • Distilled residue of whiskey
    Distilled residue of whiskey
  • Dehydrated and recovered solids
    Dehydrated and recovered solids


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