Technical Support

Use Examples Recommended items
Polymer cooling Polymer cooler for direct spinning SMHED series(Polymer cooler/ Double tubular heat exchanger for indirect cooling)
STHE series(Polymer cooler/ Multi-tubular heat exchanger for indirect cooling)
Polymer homogenization Homogenization of the viscosity of spun yarn N20 series(for molten polymers)
Mixing of additives Process of special thread manufacturing Sleeve
Spinning pack/Pump Block
Successive polymerization of
Poly-ol + iso-cyanate Noritake reactor
Production of spinning water/
water for yarn spinning
Wet spinning water and its humidification SME-V series(Steam mixer for direct heating)
Production of
oil for yarn spinning
Oil emulsification N60 series(removable element type)
Production of hot water
for reaction tank
Heating of polymers, the raw materials for yarn SMHED series(double tubular heat exchanger for indirect heating)
STHE series(multi tubular heat exchanger for indirect heating)


Introduction to engineering equipments


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