Sulfuric Acid Dilution System


The dilution system continuously produces sulfuric acid at a consistent concentration through inline dilution of concentrated sulfuric acid. Dilution to the designated strength is performed in the dispersion mixer, and sulfuric acid that reaches high temperatures due to heat of dilution is cooled to the designated temperature with a heat exchanger.

Sulfuric Acid Dilution System


  • The system can continuously produce sulfuric acid diluted to a designated concentration by diluting concentrated sulfuric acid with a dispersion mixer.
  • It’s safe because it’s inline.
  • Heat produced from dilution is removed by a heat exchanger, and the diluted sulfuric acid can be cooled to the designated temperature rapidly.
  • The system maintains pressurized pipes and comes equipped with a backpressure valve to eliminate vaporization of diluted sulfuric acid that gets heated past its boiling point due to heat of dilution. (Patented.)
  • There are no actuators other than the pump, so hardly any maintenance is required.
  • The device is compact and takes up little installation space.
  • It’s fully automatic and easy to operate.
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Input - 98% concentrated sulfuric acid: 2.74 m³/h, 30°C
Primary dilution water: 0.77 m³/h, 30°C
Secondary dilution water: 0.77 m³/h, 30°C
75% concentrated sulfuric acid: 4.0 m³/h, 50°C or cooler
Utilities Cooling water: 32 m³/h, 30°C
Electricity: 200 V three-phase
Dimensions and weight 3800L×1800W×2120H (mm)
Approx. 3,800 kg


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