Paper Filiter NPF type


Complete extraction of gelatinized/emulsified dirty oil which inhibits stable grinding.

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  • Paper Filiter NPF type


Highly Precise Filtration

Ideal cake filtration can be done with our original filtration face form. Not only chips and abrasive grains, but also gelatinized/ emulsified dirty oil, which inhibits stable grinding, can be eliminated.

Reduction of paper consumption

Paper consumption can be reduced greatly due to our original paper shape and filtration face form.
Furthermore paper consumption can be less than 1/2 (Max. 1/6) by combining with super precision type magnetic separator (over the conventional models).

Stainless papaer transfer unit

Paper transfer unit is all-stainless, rust-proof, with almost no adhesion of ground particulates, and easy to clean.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance due to simple structure.With a transparent cover, the amount of paper inside is visible and it is easy to exchange papers.

Stable Transfer System

Enchanced durablity of paper transfer system and prevented paper tearing and catching due to our own method.


Model NPF-4 NPF-6 NPF-8 NPF-12 NPF-18 NPF-24
*Flow rate(ℓ/min) 40 60 80 120 180 240
Extraction efficiency Varies according to the filter paper selection.
(Please refer to the table for filter-paper selection.)
Tank capacity (ℓ) 150 165 300 360 450 500
Power ratings of
pump deployed
200V 0.1kW
200V 0.18kW
200V 0.25kW
200V 0.4kW
200V 0.75kW
200V 1.5kW
Motor power ratings 200V 3 phase 50/60Hz 25W
Material SS400 (Paper transfer unit:SUS304)

*Flow rate shows flow volume when clean water is poured onto a filter-paper with average particulate retention value of 25μm.
*Other than above standard types, 360/500 /min is also available.


Grinding iron, aluminium, carbide, glass, ceramics and resin, polishing, precise filtration of coolant for washing

Table for filter-paper selection


Product No. 3005 3010 3020 3025 3040
Average particulate retention value (μm) 5 10 20 25 40
Material Rayon
Filter-paper size NPF4~12 700mm×100m
NPF18, 24 1000mm×100m
Standard roll core inside diameter


*If you need filter papers of 7, 60, 80, 100, 110μm (average particulate retention value), please contact us.


Model L W H A B C D E F G I J K




NPF-4 1350 810 625 320 1030 500 200 1250 250 415 400 150 950 50A 10A 130
NPF-6 1480 810 625 320 1160 500 200 1380 250 550 400 150 950 50A 15A 150
NPF-8 1620 810 725 320 1300 500 300 1520 250 650 500 150 950 65A 20A 170
NPF-12 1900 810 725 320 1580 500 300 1800 250 720 500 150 950 80A 25A 200
NPF-18 1740 1110 725 320 1420 500 300 1640 300 730 500 200 1250 80A 25A 220
NPF-24 1960 1110 725 320 1640 500 300 1860 300 690 500 200 1250 100A 40A 260

*Please contact us about dimension/weight for 360/500 /min type.
*Power: 3 phase 200V, 50/60Hz.

(1) Particle size paper consumption per day
(1) Particle size paper consumption per day
(2) Particle size and extraction efficiency
(2) Particle size and extraction efficiency

*With NPF-40, Flow rate 40 /min, SS concentration 400mg/
(1) peper consumption between a conventional and new model
(2) extraction efficiency between a conventional and new model

Filter paper3005 Conventional model
Filter paper3005 New model
Filter paper3025 Conventional model
Filter paper3025 New model
Filter paper3040 Conventional model
Filter paper3040 New model
(3) Flow rate and paper consumption
(3) Flow rate and paper consumption

*With NPF-40, SS concentration 400mg/ℓ

Filter paper3005 10μm
Filter paper3005 30μm
Filter paper3005 50μm
Filter paper3025 10μm
Filter paper3025 30μm
Filter paper3025 50μm
Filter paper3040 30μm
Filter paper3040 50μm
(4) Ratio of water permeability to viscosity
(4) Ratio of water permeability to viscosity

(Test sample:Iron powder (average particle size 10μm, 30μm, 50μm) Filter paper (3005,3025,3040 details: PTO)
Coolant:NORITAKE COOL SEC-800P(×50))


Small-sized photo treatment unit for coolant
Small-sized photo treatment unit for coolant

Photocatalyst with power grid (recycled grind stone coated with titanium oxide) provides the following effects.

  • Decomposition of dirty oil
  • Antibacteria (suppression of propagation of bacteria)
  • Deodoran (suppression of putrefactive smell)


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