High-Pressure Cleaning Machine


High-Pressure Cleaning Machine TMP-N-3

The cleaning machine uses a high-pressure coolant fluid to clean all the necessary areas, so that you can maximize the capacity of your processing equipment.


The filtration mechanism uses our own highly-regarded combination filtration system (models C1–C5). Cleaned coolant can be delivered by high-pressure pumps up to 8 MPaG. Coolant delivered at high pressures to a grinder is sprayed directly on the wheel inside the grinder, keeping the wheel surface clean at all times and maintaining maximum processing capacity.

High-jet coolant effectiveness

High-jet coolant effectiveness

  1. Improved coolant rate means shorter processing cycles and prevents burning.
  2. Prevention of wheel surface clogging eliminates deposition from work material.
  3. Stable precision during processing

Effective High-pressure Wheel Surface Cleaning

The effectiveness of high-pressure cleaning of grindstone surfaces


  Model TMP-N-3 Model TMP-N-7 Model TMP-N-11
Coolant fluid Water-soluble coolant Water-soluble coolant Water-soluble coolant
High-pressure pump N-3-0 N-7-0 N-11-0
Capacity: discharge rate / maximum pressure 25L/min-7.0MPa 38L/min-8.0MPa 56L/min-8.0MPa
Motor capacity 3.7kW / 6P 7.5kW / 6P 11kW / 4P
Filtration system (special separator) Miracle Ace MP-S Miracle Ace MP-S Miracle Ace MP-S
Processing capacity 80 L/min 80 L/min 80 L/min
Tank capacity 225 L 330 L 330 L
Capacity of pump for special separator 150 L/min / 28 m 150 L/min / 28 m 150 L/min / 28 m
  1.5 kW / 2P (60Hz) (50Hz) 1.5 kW / 2P (60Hz) (50Hz) 1.5 kW / 2P (60Hz) (50Hz)
Safety device (1) Minimum level switch Minimum level switch Minimum level switch
Safety device (2) Pressure switch Pressure switch Pressure switch
Weight 400kg 650kg 670kg
Number of spray nozzles 2 4 6
External dimensions 1,000 x 760 x 1,709 1,100 x 1,000 x 1,709 1,100 x 1,000 x 1,709

Optional parts: special nozzle, nozzle holder, accumulator, caster, inverter control device
High-pressure pump variations: plunger pump, diaphragm pump, screw pump, gear pump, and more
We also make machines that use oil-soluble coolant.


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