Elec-Pure: Oil Mist Collector EP type


Elec-Pure as a countermeasure against oil mist generation from processing machines


The Oil Mist Collector is a work environment improvement machine with high safety standards that removes soot produced by processing machines at the sub-micron level.


High Efficiency

Processing capacity is high and can also be used against high density oil mists

Low Power Consumption

Uses discharge ionizers wire made from special tungsten
Operated by a high efficiency motor

Safe Design

Uses a high voltage power supply (power pack) with safety circuits
Operates with a fire damper and automatic fire depression system

High durability

The dust collector is simply constructed with no moving parts for longevity

Easy Maintenance

Parts requiring maintenance are all exchangeable with nothing wasted
Parts that require regular cleaning have a simple structure and can be repeatedly cleaned with chemicals.

Collecting mechanism

The power pack of the Elec-Pure supplies 11 kV to the ionizer and 7 kV to the collector cell. Contaminating particles pass through the ionizer and become electrification. The charged particles are then drawn to and cleaned up by the earth electrode plate in the collector cell. The high-concentration electric purifier reapplies charge to precipitate non-absorbed particles, and thereby achieves a maximum collecting rate of 99.8%.

mehanizm e.png

Basic construction



Unit Series
Model EP-500 EP-1500 EP-3000 EP-1500W EP-3000W
Processing capacity(m3/min) 10/21 40 80 40 80
Static pressure(Pa) 132/151 400 400 400 400
Motor capacity(kW) 0.08/0.072 0.75 1.5 0.75 1.5
Size Depth(mm) 465 530 985 530 985
Length(mm) 550 1,165 1,165 1,745  1,745
Height(mm) 512 695 695 695  695
Weight(kg)  45  117  162  160  220
Power supply(V) 200 single-phase 200 three-phase


Large capacity series
Model EP-40M EP-80M EP-160M EP-240M EP-320M
Processing capacity(m³/min) 40 80 160 240 320
Size Depth(mm) 530 985 985 985 985
Length(mm) 518 518 566 566 566
Height(mm) 700 700 1,290 1,870 2,400
Weight(kg) 51  85  145 200  260
Power supply(V) 200 three-phase


Regular maintenance is necessary. Please contact our company at your leisure.


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