Seasoning Liquid Mixing System For Miso


The system mixes the final additives for miso in the transfer pipe.

Seasoning Liquid Mixing System For Miso


  • Additive mixing is easy to accomplish just by attaching a transfer pipe.
  • Uniform mixing allows you to reduce the volume of additives used.


  • Mixing chocolate and cacao butter
  • Mixing vegetable oil and alkalis (deoxidation process)
  • Heating, sterilizing, and cooling miso
  • Heating, sterilizing, and cooling sauces and soups
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Raw miso: 1,200 kg/h
Liquid condiment: 24 kg/h
Utilities Electricity: 200 V three-phase 0.5 kW
Dimensions and weight 3250L×1600W×2670H (mm)
Approx. 1,000 kg


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