Thermocouple with protecting tube

Thermocouple with protecting tube

Ceramic protection tube prevents erosion from atmosphere gas and to stabilize temperature measuring accuracy.
Depending on the customer's usage, we offer various materials for the protection tube.

Covered thermocouple

Covered thermocouple

Thermocouple covered with insulation material such as resin, glass, ceramic,etc. is light and soft enough for portable temperature measurement.

Sheath thermocouple

Sheath thermocouple

Thermocouple protected by metal sheath such as SUS provides flexibility for mounting in narrow spaces.

Wide variety

Type Materials Temperature
Positive Wire Negative Wire
K Chromel Alumel 0 - 1000°C
J Iron Constantan 0 - 400°C
R Platinum Rhodium Platinum 400 - 1400°C
B Platinum Rhodium Platinum Rhodium 800 - 1600°C
PR40-20 Platinum Rhodium Platinum Rhodium 1000 - 1700°C

*Working temperature is recommended by JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard).

After-sales service

Temperature calibration
After-sales service

Periodical temperature calibration is required because thermocouple deteriorates with time.
Noritake makes temperature calibration program depending on environment use and supports quality control.

Wire recast

Products using precious metals such as platinum can be very expensive.
Noritake recasts and recycles used wire.

Partial repair

Depending on the circumstances, protection tubes and terminals may be damaged earlier than thermocouple.
Noritake can make partial repairs and suggestions on improvement methods.


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